Sunday, February 15, 2009

Live account finally

Last week I made a live account with the aussie broker gomarkets using metatrader4. Gonna put $100 in the account next week and start trading micro lots (1k sized lots). This size trade makes 1pip = 10c profit/loss. So I can start doing some real trading without costing myself a fortune while I'm still learning.

The system I've been trading on the demo account recently is a Jurik Moving Average on the AUDUSD pair. The JMA period set to 40 on the 1Hour chart looks pretty promising for manual trading.

I wrote a simple JMA Cross EA aswell but testing it on the AUDUSD pair with 40period and 5 period JMA settings doesnt look too promising really. Maybe it will do better with some kind of noise filter to stay out of the market when the price is ranging.

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